HansFamilyLoft.com Bred the #1 Overall California State Hall of Fame Young Bird in 2003 and 2004  (Back to Back Years)


Three Generations in a Row of multiple 1st Place Winners . . . . . . now four Generations as "Lucinda" has bred winners!



Please Note our Email Address:  hansfamilyloft@gmail.com


Thank you for visiting our website.  I encourage new visitors to check out the Breeding Cocks and Breeding Hens.  I have put a lot of time and effort into this new site and I think visitors will appreciate the shear volume and quality of information presented.  I think you will find that no other Pigeon Sales website provides the amount of specific race results and statistics for their individual breeders as we do.  All of the information you need to make informed purchasing decisions is available at the click of a mouse.  


For those of you that are new to our website, HansFamilyLoft.com is one America's most successful Racing and Breeding Lofts.  What separates our loft from that of many others is that we breed and race all of our own Champions and Ace Pigeons!  Winning Race Results and National Awards speak for themselves and HansFamilyLoft.com has proven the ability to continually breed numerous 1st Place Winners and Champions each and every year. 


We have maintained and further developed a true family of champions and foundation-breeders that continually get better and better with each generation.  If you have any questions about our pigeons, our website, or you just need advice, do not hesitate to email or call.


Thank You,


Matt Hans    Phone: 530.919.0097



Email:  hansfamilyloft@gmail.com


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